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BREAKING: Clinton’s Death Is Tearing The Democrats Apart

The Democrat party is showing that it has no idea how to handle a crisis without panicking. On news this afternoon of Hillary Clinton’s death, party officials across the country began frantically calling the national headquarters for direction:

“We were told less than a week ago that we were going to be putting Hillary Clinton at the top of the party to be our public face through the next two presidential elections. Now she’s gone and there is no backup plan.”

The problem is, control of the party’s finances and high-end decision making had already been transferred to Clinton, who was meeting with local officials all last week to “rebuild the party from the grassroots level.” Now, that honor will go to someone else.

Democrats, both on the Hill and around the country, have no idea who that will be. Some think they should rally around Joe Biden since Obama, who is at work with Soros and the Globalists trying to make the New World Order happen, has said he wants no part in party politics.

The Democrats have no superstars left. Their “liberal” favorites, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, will shoot themselves in the foot selling free stuff for all and their “moderates” like Corey Booker are nothing but a return to Obama.

Either way, Clinton’s death leaves a void the Democrats won’t fill anytime soon.



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