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Hillary Clinton’s ER Nurse: She Is Definitely NOT In ‘Stable’ Condition

Hillary Clinton walked into the ER at Westchester Memorial Hospital yesterday complaining of tightness in her chest and was treated with oxygen and fluids and given a flu shot. She was admitted for observation at her husband’s request and is watching TV comfortably while doctors run routine tests.

That is the official story — or non-story rather — of Hillary Clinton’s health issue. That’s not even remotely true, says ER charge nurse Sandy Batt:

“She walked through the door on her own. That much is true. She couldn’t, however, get back up once she sat down and began experiencing shortness of breath. Within minutes she was in full cardiac arrest. Had she not been in a hospital she’d be dead for sure.

She was revived and intubates and remains in a private room on a floor not designated ICU, but she is definitely critical for the next 24 hours.”

Well there you have it. Even when they get sick they lie. Hillary Clinton is almost 73. She’s bound to have health issues. Nurse Batt says if she makes it through the next 24 hours and doctors can repair some of the damage, she could live another 20 years. She also said the likelihood that she survives the night is slim, given the severity of the event and the possibility of follow up attacks.

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