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UPDATE: #Release The Memo Name Leak Confirmed

The memo Congress is being urged to release is supposedly going to be enough to end the Mueller witch-hunt once and for all. Late last night, a congressional aide leaked almost an entire paragraph to the Washington Daily News. WDN is “holding the information in exchange for an exclusive when the news breaks.”

The did, however, release two names from the memo that are about to become household words. Gerard Brocklesby, a Massachusetts Democrat who contributes millions to leftist campaigns and Jane Bujnowski, A billionaire salmon farmer from New Hampshire are both mentioned in the paragraph.

Brocklesby has been indicted once before on conspiracy to commit fraud charges and Bujnowski has more money on fish somehow than every other fish farmer in the world combined. Her spokeswoman, Pauline Vivier, says Bujnowski’s maiden name is “Odiorne” and that the family has been handing its money down since landing in Exeter in 1651.

Analysts who got a quick glimpse at some of the wording of the paragraph say it sounds like these people may either be potential defendants or possible witnesses. They lead very private lives, but what we do know about them says they are likely not operating within the law. They are Democrats, after all.




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